I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

F and FT Three Little Pigs Download
I’m not sure I can explain my feelings during this time, as they seem to be more of a roller coaster than a steady feeling. Some times I think I’m just fine, my life really hasn’t changed that much. My husband is a police officer and is still going to work for his normal shifts. I work from home creating and sharing my stories, images, and games, which is exactly what I’m still doing. My daughter is in another city working as an assistant to children and disabled adults. And the younger of my children is a non-emotional senior in high school who is happy he won our year long debate about whether or not he was to have to walk…. And yet, even though things are mostly normal, they are not! I am very much an extrovert and my freedom to schedule the time with friends that I need for my emotional stability has been taken from me. I am so grateful for the technology that makes it possible for me to still find connection, but it is not quite the same. Then I listen to the frustration of my family and friends with littles and I wonder how I have anything to feel emotional about. It is a weird time that has us all doing a little huffing and puffing.
I’ve actually spent a lot of time thinking about how we will look back on this time. How will our children remember it? I hope that I am being intentional when talking to my teen/adult children about the blessings I am seeing and not just my fears. I hope I am taking the time to create memories in this time of slowing down that would not be otherwise possible.
When I look back on the memories I have with my children when they were little there are so many that I treasure, and they almost always include time that I took to be intentional in my mothering! I don’t know how many times I had to tell the story of the three little pigs to my kids when they were little. I’m pretty sure it was the voice that I would do for the wolf when I’d get really into it. Those times really were some of my favorite times… reading the classics or using my flannel board images to retell them. My kids loved being able to use the pieces to tell those stories over and over again! Those were the times when I felt like the BEST mom!!
Whether you are baking with your kids, playing with them in the backyard, reading to them, or even using some of my sets to tell them some of your favorite stories, I hope that you are connecting with them in a positive way.  I hope you are making memories.  I hope you are mostly creating a time they will look back on and cherish!  Even if you are like me and find yourself huffing and puffing a little bit through the day.
During this unprecedented and unpredictable time, I’ve started using my creations to do two new things to try to help out moms with young children who all of the sudden have had to add the extra hats of school teacher as well as religious teacher.  I’ve begun to do story time every Friday on my Rising Moon Adventures Facebook page (stories also uploaded to my Story Time YouTube channel). And I’ve started to teach a Come Follow Me Primary lesson on Sundays at 10 am MST on the same page (those uploaded to my Scripture Story Time YouTube channel).  You are welcome to join us for either thing or to share these opportunities with anyone who you think they may help. These all come with free downloads if requested.
Stay well and keep breathing!
Love – Oléa

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